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    International Association for Reconciliation Studies (IARS) The IARS is an alliance of researchers, activists, politicians, artists, and others that explore the subject of reconciliation between nations as well as within divided societies. Ongoing projects of the IARS include, amongst others, the publication of the international and multi-disciplinary "Journal of Reconciliation Studies", a peer-reviewed journal on peace and conflict, as well as holding the global IARS conference annually.
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    "Religion Conflict Reconciliation" (RCR) Founded as the first of its kind in Germany, the graduate program "Religion Conflict Reconciliation" (RCR) at the FSU Jena is open to doctoral students since 2015. The program is tied in with the FSU's Graduate Academy (GA) and closely linked with the Jena Center for Reconciliation Studies (JCRS), through which the program's Oberseminar is organized.
    RCR is research oriented and values an interdisciplinary approach to projects that consider the broad spectrum of qualitative and quantitative methods. Participating PhD students are expected to write their dissertations on at least two of the three aspects giving "RCR" its name: religion, conflict and reconciliation.
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    DFG Project "Hearts of Flesh - Not Stone" Encountering the Suffering of the Other (ESO) lies at the core of this interdisciplinary project, which is focused on intergroup reconciliation, especially in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It is part of the JCRS since 2013.
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    Public Policy and Institutional Change in the Middle of Conflict Project This project aims to build a strong core of Conflict Transformation and Reconciliation Research in Post-Conflict Society, particularly in the Russian-speaking parts of Ukraine that are foremost affected by war.