Jena Center for Reconciliation Studies

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III AARMENA International Symposium

(1.8.2022. - 5.08.2022)

Reconciliation, Conflict Transformation and Peace Education

Auditorium Zur Rosen, Johannisstraße 13, 07743 Jena

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ACT and the Jena Center for Reconciliation Studies introduces the 1st “Kavala International Summer School”

The American College of Thessaloniki (ACT) and the JCRS at Friedrich Schiller University in cooperation with the Foreign Affairs Institute (www.fainst.eu), the MOHA Research Center (www.moha.center), and the Balkan Strategies International Synergies (BSIS) launch the 1st Kavala International Summer School (Kavala, 5-11 September 2022).

The Summer School combines academic theory and the praxis of diplomacy to analyze policies and behaviors enabling reconciliation, tolerance, social cohesion, and good neighborliness at the local, national, and international levels, as well as a UN simulation under the guidance of well-known professors, scholars, diplomats, and businessmen. In addition, the participants/students will be able to improve their professional skills as they will work on real cases with politicians, leaders, and senior diplomats.The Summer School will be able to provide scholarships for some of the participating students.

For further information, please email the coordin ator, Dr. Theodoros Theodorou, Greece Ambassador a.H, Director General MOHA Research Center at: theodoroutheodoros1954@gmail.com


Reconciliation Studies in Jena

The Jena Center for Reconciliation Studies (JCRS), based within the Faculty of Theology at FSU Jena was founded in July 2013, to achieve theoretical understanding of the processes, measurements, and practices relevant to fostering relationships in contexts affected by violence, atrocities, genocides, wars, dictatorships, segregation, enslavement, and other crimes against humanity. Reconciliation Studies is a transdisciplinary and multiscale scientific field that focuses on individual, group, inter-group, and political dynamics.

JCRS looks at the dynamics of reconciliation processes for societies in conflict or transition, based on comparative international case studies. It addresses academic institutions and programs, as well as experts and scholars in the field of conflict transformation and peace studies. 

JCRS promotes a trans-disciplinary approach that integrates the fields of Theology, Philosophy, Religious Science, Ethics, Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, Economics, Law, Media Studies, Art, Social Geography and History. The JCRS also focuses on the of practices like trauma therapy, public policy, collective memory in reconciliation processes.

The JCRS involves four areas of expertise:

  1. Research, through the Graduate Programme "Religion Conflict Reconciliation" (RCR) and the DFG Project "Hearts of Flesh - Not Stone";
  2. International and transdisciplinary Networks, including universities and NGOs from all over the world;
  3. Manifold Events: Workshops, Conferences and the International Summer Schools "Societies in Transition"; and
  4. Scientific Publications, including the series "Research in Peace and Reconciliation" (RIPAR).


Activities and Projects

Oberseminar, 2019
Doctoral school on reconciliation studies at the FSU Jena
Meeting DFG Project HOF, 2018
Reconciliation in the middle of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
This letter to Hermann Hesse was written on 16 September 1945, the day after Yom Kippur.
Approximately 40,000 letters from Martin Buber’s correspondence with his contemporaries exist, but to this day, they have hardly been accessible. A funding commitment from the federal and state governments should now change this: an academy project for the digitalisation and annotation of this valuable estate will be funded with almost € 400,000 per year.
Networks_International Cooperations
JCRS Networks are developed on multiple levels
III Colombian Day, 2019
From the establishment of the JCRS till the current semester
Opening lecture at JCRS, 2013
»Research in Peace and Reconciliation« and other books from JCRS
Schwarz-weiß Foto von Paul Ricœur
Paul Ricœur
What is Reconciliation about
Reconciliation Studies deal with processes of creating "normal" and if possible "good" relationships after grave incidents...

Our Staff

The JCRS is based at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena
Learn more about JCRS Directors and Scientific Board
00_AARMENA Network 2018 Group Picture
Learn more about JCRS Advisory Board
Learn more about JCRS Team

The International Association for Reconciliation Studies ​(IARS)

Prof Asano's Guest Lecture, 2019
International Association for Reconciliation Studies

Gallery from selected events

Image: fsu jena
Image: fsu jena
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Conference Ecclesiological Inverstigations 2017
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Conference on Dan Bar-On, 2019
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Dr. Zucconi in Jena, 2017
Image: jcrs
Establishment of the IARS 2020
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IV Colombian Days, 2020
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JCRS Team, 2015
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JCRS Team, 2018
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Lunch at JCRS, 2019
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Meeting DFG Project HOF, 2018
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