Pennant garlands against a blue sky
Celebrate 10 years of Reconciliation Studies in Jena with us!
Pennant garlands against a blue sky
Image: Manthan Vasani

Jena Center for Reconciliation Studies (JCRS)

Upcoming: The JCRS' 10 Year Anniversary

Find more information and the full English translation of the program here.

Full anniversary program in German Full anniversary program in German Image: Annemarie Krüger
Jena Center for Reconciliation Studies (JCRS)
JenTower, Room 15N03
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07743 Jena
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Latest news

Grey-scale photo of several books
The JCRS is pleased to announce the release volume 7 of the publication series "Research in Peace and Reconciliation". This publication titled "Encountering the Suffering of the Other" and contains 19 contributions. To learn more, click on the headline.

Upcoming Events:

Teaching Activity
Oberseminar of the  "Religion Conflict Reconciliation" (RCR) graduate programme (Spring-Summer 2023)
  • This event is not open to the public.
10:30 · Auditorium
Martin-Buber-Forschungsstelle Guest Lecture 2023 by Prof. Dr. Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela (Stellenbosch University, South Africa)
  • This event can be attended online.
  • This event is wheelchair accessible.
Auditorium · Conference
Full schedule TBR here.

Activities and Projects

Projects and programs directly tied in with the JCRS
This link will take you to AARMENA's own website to learn more.
Schwarz-weiß Foto von Paul Ricœur
[De] Paul Ricœurs Werk erforschen und vermitteln
This letter to Hermann Hesse was written on 16 September 1945, the day after Yom Kippur.
[De] Ein auf 24 Jahre angelegtes Forschungsprojekt
Prof. Leiner's Guest Lecture at Universidad de Antioquia, 2017
Upcoming events at the JCRS