Thangjakhup Hangsing

Thangjakhup Hangsing Thangjakhup Hangsing Image: privat
  • Ph.D Candidate, Jena Center for Reconciliation Studies, FSU Jena
  • Current Ph.D. Research Topic:¬† Reconciliation in Colossians: A Transdisciplinary Approach


2013 Master of Theology in New Testament at Serampore College (India) with a Master Thesis on Cosmic Christ in Colossians: An Ecological Reading.

Research Interests
  • Reconciliation in New Testament and Indigenous Reconciliation Approach
  • The Relationship between Body and Space in the New Testament
  • Spatial Reconciliation
Select Events
  • Summer School Germany (July 2013) on Societies in Transitions: Asia and Australia between Conflict and Reconciliation. Paper Presented, Indigeneous Conflict Resolution Method: A Kuki Perspective
  • 2016 September, attended Transitional Justice workshop in Jerusalem. Paper presented¬† Reconciliation process in the Letters to the Colossians
  • 19 May - 01 June 2017 Global Ecumenical Institute, Berlin, Paper Presented, Global Migration and Church:¬† A Biblical Perspective
Select Publications
  • Redifining Christian Identity: Religion Conflicts and Peace Building, Dei Gratia 9th Edition (2016)
  • Ecological Settings of the Kukis of Nagaland, Kangthal, Vol-3 (Jan-April, 2015 )