Jonghyuk Chang

Jonghyuk Chang Jonghyuk Chang Image: fsu jena
  • Ph.D Student, Theological Faculty, FSU Jena

  • From 03.2001 to 02.2009 : Bachelor in English literature, Hansung Univirsity
  • From 03.2011 to 02.2014 : Master divinity (M.div) in evangelical theology, PUTS, Seoul
  • From 03.2014 to 08.2016 : Master (Th.M) in evangelical theology, PUTS, Seoul
  • Since 09.2017 : Ph.D student in theological faculty FSU Jena
Research Interests
  • Hermeneutics of Martin Heidegger, Gardamer and Paul Ricoeur
  • Phenomenology of Edmund Husserl (especially on time concept)
  • Time conception of Augustin on Confessiones XI
  • Theology of Karl Barth, Jürgen Moltmann and Wolfhart Pannenberg
  • Christian as shepherd of time, from the objective reality of reconciliation by Christ to the (inter-)subjective possibility of reconciliation by Holy Spirit
  • Korean, English, German, Japanese
Select Events (Lectures and Conferences)
  • 05.2019. International Conference “Reconciliation, Peace, Reuninification” at PUTS Seoul
  • 05.2019. International Conference “Jewish Studies, The place of Christianity in modern Hebrew and Japanese Literature: Its roots and its contemporary expressions” at Doshisha Kyoto
  • Wintersemester 2019-20. Biblical hermeneutics of Paul Ricoeur at FSU Jena