Dr. phil Iyad Muhsen AlDajani

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Contact Information

  • Research Director for Peace and Reconciliation Studies in the MENA region. Jena Center for Reconciliation Studies;
  • Post-Doc Research Fellow/ Applied Ethics, Faculty of Theology/ Department of Systematic Theology and Ethics;
  • Project Manager for Erasmus Plus Project;
  • ORCID digital profile: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-1489-2551  


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  • Since 01/2020: Post-Doc Research Fellow, Chair Systematic Theology and Ethics, Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena;
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Communication Science: “Dr. phil”. Research: Internet Communication Technology for Reconciliation: Applied Phronetic Netnography in Internet Research Methodologies (published book); 
  • Master of Arts Degree in Regional Studies minor American Studies from Al-Quds University;
  • Bachelor of Science in computer science from Al-Quds University;
  • Web-Development certificate from Tel Aviv University;
  • Nvivo for Windows Expert – studies courses on Nvivo qualitative software;
  • ICT4PEACE - Internet Communication Technology for Crisis Managment & Security;
  • Seeds of Peace Certified Facilitator.
Research Interests Show content
  • Project coordinator for the Academic Alliance for Reconciliation in the Middle East and North Africa / 2019 and 2020;
  • Internet Communication Technologies for Reconciliation in the middle of conflict;
  • Earsmus Plus Project: Strengthening of National Research Capacity on Policy, Conflict Resolution, and Reconciliation (PEACE);
  • Applied Phronesis in Internet Communication Technologies;
  • Applied Ethics in Big-Data;
  • Digital Humanities in reconciliation studies and processes;
  • Reconciliation in Islamic Ethics;
  • Dialogue with the Islamic world. Applied Islamic ethics in reconciliation studies with Oberlin Collage;
  • Artificial Intelligence for Reconciliation;
  • Applied Phronesis in Internet Research Methodologies;
  • Reconciliation in the Middle of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict;
  • Project Manager for the Following Erasmus Plus Project:
    1. Strengthening Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation studies in Palestine;  
    2. Reconciliation, Conflict Transformation and Peace Studies in Jordan, Palestine, Algeria;
    3. The Academic Alliance for Reconciliation in the Middle East and North Africa.
Teaching Show content
  • The Graduate Academy course on Qualitative Analysis with Nvivo for windows tools and applications at FSU;
  • Co-Supervising Master Students in computer science at the University of Jordan as an external supervisor;
  • Computing Science and Digital Humanity, Master Program;
  • Co-Teaching Master Students in computer science at the University of Jordan.
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  • (2020) Internet Communication Technologies for Reconciliation: Applied Phronetic Netnography in Internet Research Methodologies, Springer, 450 https://www.springer.com/gp/book/9783030412029
  • Chapter: (2020) The Phenomenology of Internet Communication Technology (ICT) in Applied Phronetic Social Science. In: Internet Communication Technology (ICT) for Reconciliation. Lecture Notes in Social Networks. Springer, Cham.
  • Ph.D Thesis: (2019) Internet Communication Technology for Reconciliation: Applied Phronesis in Internet Research Methodology,” Fredrich Schiller University, German National Library, Frankfurt Am Main p.431: http://dnb. info/1191939928


Staff meeting
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AARMENA Conference
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JCRS Meeting
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Signing an agreement
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Meeting 2
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Lecture by Iyad
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Developing cooperation with University of Jordan
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Erasmus kick off meeting
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Meeting at the Uni 2
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Erasmus Plus Brussels Meeting
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Meeting with the staff
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Group meeting
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