Blick auf Jena

Oberseminar WS 2022-23

Classic Theories of Reconciliation
Blick auf Jena
Image: Christoph Worsch (University of Jena)
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The Pillars of Reconciliation: Basic Texts for Reconciliation Studies Scholars

Teaching Coordinators: Dr. Francesco Ferrari and Dr. Davide Tacchini


Session 1, October 27, h. 9.30am-6.00 pm

(Location: Fürstengraben 1, Senatssaal und Aula)

Eröffnung der Martin-Buber-Forschungsstelle (Opening of the Martin Buber Research Center)

You can find the program here:


Session 2, November 11-12

(Location: Freiburg and Online -details and zoom link coming soon-)

Jahreskonferenz Netzwerks Versöhnungsforschung (Reconciliation Studies Network Annual Meeting)

The Center and many of Affiliated Scholars are members if this Network, therefore it is a great opportunity to present or just to attend.


Session 3, November 18, h. 2-5 pm: Handbooks for Reconciliation Research

  • Bloomfield, D. - Barnes, T. - Huyse, L. Reconciliation After Violent Conflict: A Handbook

Presenter: Dr. Davide Tacchini

  • Govier, T., Taking Wrongs Seriously: Acknowledgment, Reconciliation, And the Politics of Sustainable Peace,

Presenter: Dr. Francesco Ferrari

  • Du Toit, F., When Political Transitions Work: Reconciliation as Interdependence



Session 4: November 25, h. 2-5 pm

  • “The Jena Approach to Reconciliation Studies”

Presenter: Prof. Dr. Martin Leiner


Session 5: December 2, h. 2-5 pm

  •  Philpott, D., Just and Unjust Peace: An Ethic of Political Reconciliation.


  • Verdeja, E. Unchopping a Tree: Reconciliation in the Aftermath of Political Violence


  • Lederach, J.P., The Moral Imagination, the Art and Soul of Building Peace



Session 6: December 9, h. 2-5 pm

  • Tutu, D. , No Future Without Forgiveness


  • Wolf, M., Exclusion and Embrace: A Theological Exploration of Identity, Otherness, and Reconciliation


  • “Narrative Identity and reconciliation in Paul Ricoeur”

Presenter: Jongyuk Chang


Session 7: December 16, h. 2-5 pm

  • De Greiff, P., Theorizing Transitional Justice


  • Zehr, H., The Little Book of Restorative Justice


  • Rigby, A. Justice and Reconciliation after the Violence

Presenter: Shota Shvelidze


Session 8: December 20, h. 2-5 pm

  • Schaap, A., Political Reconciliation


  • Maddison, S., Can we reconcile? Understanding the multi-level challenges of conflict transformation


  • Murphy, C., A Moral Theory of Political Reconciliation



Session 9: January 13, 2023, h. 2-5 pm

  • Doctoral Candidates’ Research Presentations


Session 10: January 20, 2023, h. 2-5 pm

(Location TBC) Book Launch:

Dajani, I., Leiner, M. (eds), Reconciliation, Heritage and Social Inclusion in the Middle East and North Africa, London, Springer Nature, 2022