Oberseminar SS 2022

Oberseminar SS 2022

Oberseminar SS 2022
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Reconciliation: Case Studies (I)

Coordination: Martin Leiner, Francesco Ferrari, Davide Tacchini (hybrid Jena+zoom) 



Session 1, April 8 h. 2-5 pm Room E003, Fürstengraben 6 (Faculty of Theology)
Reconciliation and Refugees: Book Launch Tacchini-Barakat-AlDajani-Leiner (eds), Refugees and
Reconciliation, Göttingen, Vanderhoek & Ruprecht, 2022.
Speakers: Martin Leiner, Davide Tacchini, Francesco Ferrari, Zeina M. Barakat, Iyad AlDajani, Zahra M. Awad, Fanie DuToit).

Session 2, April 22, h. 2-5 pm
Case Studies Methodologies (Speaker: Martin Leiner)

Week 3, April 29, h. 2-5 pm
Approaches to Reconciliation (Speaker: Fanie Du Toit).
-Du Toit, F., When Political Transitions Work: Reconciliation as Interdependence, New York-Oxford. Oxford
University Press, 2018, “Section 2 Theoretical Landscapes”, pp. 123-188 (Paperback edition).

Session 4, May 6, h. 2-5 pm
A Transition that “worked”: South Africa (Speaker, Fanie Du Toit)
-Du Toit, F., A Broken Promise? Evaluating South Africa’s Reconciliation Process Twenty Years on,
“International Political Science Review”, Vol. 38, Issue 2, 2017.
-Du Toit, F. When Political Transitions Work: Reconciliation as Interdependence, New York-Oxford. Oxford University Press, 2018, “Introducing the Argument (p.1-13)”, “Section 1 Moments In Transition”, (Chapters 1-
4), pp 17-122 (Paperback edition).
-Du Toit, F. and Du Preez, M., Truth, Justice and Memory—A Documentary on the SA TRC, Episode 1,
available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3taLI3moaM

Special Session, May 10, h. 4-6 pm, Theological Faculty - The Armenian Genocide (Speaker, Ashot Hayruni)

Session 5, May 13, h. 2-5 pm
Transitions that lost their way: Iraq & Myanmar (Speaker, Fanie Du Toit)
-Du Toit, F., En(countering) Silence – Some Thoughts on Historical Justice after Memoricide, De
Gruyter, International Public History. 2020; 3(2)
-Thant Myint-U, The Hidden History of Burma, Atlantic Books, 2019.
-Du Toit, F. Glimmers of Hope?: A Brief Analysis of Selected Civic-Led Reconciliation efforts in Post-ISIL Iraq, in Tacchini, Barakat, AlDajani, Leiner, (eds), “Reconciliation and Refugees”, Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2022, pp.195-212.
-“Losing Iraq”, A Documentary by PBS, available at https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/film/losing-iraq/

Session 6, May 20, h. 2-5pm
New Developments in Reconciliation Practice and Studies (Speaker: Fanie Du Toit)
-Du Toit, F., When Political Transitions Work: Reconciliation as Interdependence, New York-Oxford. Oxford University Press, 2018, “Section 3: Toward Interdependence” pp. 189-225 Paperback edition.
-Du Toit, F. and Mendes, A., “Reconciliation in Practice—Selected Observations about the Assumptions
informing Practises of Reconciliation”, Carter School, George Mason University, April 2022, available
at https://www.thinkpeacehub.org/reconciler

Session 7, May 30 (Monday), 2-5pm Fürstengraben 27, Rosensäle, Jena (Faculty of Theology)
Afghanistan: Reconciliation and Social Healing (Speaker, Heela Najibullah)

  • Social Healing through a middle-out approach is the missing and yet crucial component to achieve sustainable reconciliation in Afghanistan. Heela Najibullah will analyse the Afghan reconciliation processes through the lenses of transrational peace philosophy and Elicitive Conflict Transformation. Her presentation will highlight two Afghan governments reconciliation processes in 1986 and 2010, drawing lessons for future processes.


Session 8, June 13, Multimedia Center Room 1096  (Carl Zeiss Str. 3), from 4pm (CET)

Colombian Day: Trajectories of Peace and Reparation of Black and Indigenous Communities

  • Diana Torres (Colombian Truth Commission): Colombian Truth Commission Black Communities report.
  • Ivonne Zuñiga and Gerard Martin (Kroc Institute):The Ethnic chapter of the sixth Colombian Peace Accord implementation report.
  • Roosbelinda Cardenas (Hampshire College University): Black Communities Mobilization.
  • Martin Leiner (Director of the Jena Center for Reconciliation Studies at the Friedrich Schille University of Jena)

Zoom link: https://uni-jena-de.zoom.us/j/6701575705

Meeting-ID: 670 157 5705 - Kenncode: COL2022


Session 9, June 17, h. 2-5 pm
Putting Judith Butler in Conversation with Mahatma Gandhi on Nonviolent Resistance (Speaker, Louise de Toit)
Readings TBC

Session 10, June 24, h. 10-12 am and 2-5 pm
Final Session, Candidates’ Day.
Each enrolled PhD Candidate will present the current state of the art of hus/her research and pick one of the topics of the course. The second part of His/her lecture will focus on the connections between the chosen and his/her own PhD research project.

Special Session, July 6, h. 6-7 pm, Carl Zeiss Str. 3, Hörsaal 4 - Inmitten des Krieges für Versöhnung arbeien? (Speaker, Martin Leiner)