The JCRS was founded in July 2013, in order to promote the scientific study of reconciliation. It belongs to the Faculty of Theology at the Friedrich-Schiller-Universität, which is one of the oldest faculties of Protestant Theology in Europe.





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The JCRS deals looks at the mechanism of reconciliation processes for societies in conflict or transition, based on comparative international case studies. It addresses academic institutions and programs as well as experts and scholars in the field of conflict transformation and peace studies. It seeks a unique concept and implementation of reconciliation studies at Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena.

We are interested in partners or networks with a similar research focus, with the goal to facilitate scholarly exchange. The JCRS promotes an interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary approach that integrates the fields of Theology, Philosophy, Religious Science, Ethics, Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, Economics, Law, Media Studies, Art, and History. We also focus on the practical expertise of reconciliation studies based on trauma therapy, public policy or collective memory, which we like to share in workshops and international summer schools.

The JCRS involves four areas of expertise:


(1) Graduate Seminar (for students at FSU):

      Reconciliation Studies in Comparative Perspective

(2) Cooperative Network

(3) Practical Expertise: Summer Schools Societies in Transition

(4) DFG-Trilateral Project "Hearts of Flesh-Not Stone"

The JCRS addresses academic institutes and programs as well as experts and scholars in the field of conflict transformation, reconciliation and peace studies.

More information is available here:

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