The Former Soviet Union (2018)

The Former Soviet Union and East Central Europe between Conflict and Reconciliation

 Former Soviet Union  

We proudly announce the publication of the 4th volume of our RIPAR series: The Former Soviet Union and East Central Europe between Conflict and Reconciliation. In August 2014, hence, after the Russian annexation/integration of Crimea (March 2014), the Jena Center for Reconciliation Studies (Friedrich Schiller University Jena) hosted its fourth International Summer School. Many of the essays in this volume are based on presentations given there but all have been written in 2015. "Even if they do not cover subsequent developments, they do provide a bench mark to measure the subsequent degree of progress."

Editors: Lily Gardner Feldman, Raisa Barash, Samuel Goda, André Zempelburg

Table of Content

Lily Gardner Feldman
Introduction to the Present Volume

Martin Leiner
Setting the Stage: An Introductory Clarification of Concepts of East Central Europe

Samuel Goda
The OSCE and Reconciliation: between Theory and Practice

Raisa Barash
Mythologization of the Soviet Past and Prospect for Historical Reconciliation in Russia

Olga Konka
Russian Internal Narratives about the "Western Enemy" as a Barrier for Reconciliation: The Example of School History Textbooks

Matthew Rojansky
Russian-Ukrainian Relations: Conflict and Reconciliation over Shared History

Karina V. Korostelina
Reconciliation in Ukraine: within and across the boundary

Katja Wezel
Memory Conflicts as Barrier to Reconciliation: Post-Soviet Disputes between the Baltic States and Russia

Annamária Kiss
The Means and Ends of Russo-Georgian "Normalization": What is beyond the "Red Lines"?

Jolanta Jonaszko
Disarming Memory: The Katyn Massacre and Reconciliation in Polish-Russian Relations 1990-2015

Klaus Bachmann
Polish-Ukrainian Reconciliation after World War II

Mimoza Telaku and Shifra Sagy
Perceptions of Collective Narratives and Acculturation Attitudes: The case of Serbs and Albanians in Kosovo