Sub-Saharan Africa (2014)

Societies in Transition. Sub-Saharan Africa between Conflict and Reconciliation

Sub-Saharan Africa
Edited by Martin Leiner, Maria Palme, and Peggy Stöckner

Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht 2014

The interdisciplinary case studies from Sub-Saharan Africa present different theoretical approaches of reconciliation and conflict resolution in the aftermath of genocide, civil war, racial regimes, and dictatorships.

The articles in the first part deal with regional applications of reconciliation and resolution efforts in a post-colonial era.

The second part focuses on reconciliation and conflict transformation in an international comparative perspective.


Table of Contents

Martin Leiner and Maria Palme

1. Case Studies

Semahagn Gashu Abebe
The Dilemmas of Adopting an Ethnic Federal System as a Response to Ethnic Conflicts in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Ethiopian Experience

Helga Dickow
Chadian Identity Cleavages and their Markers: The Competing, Overlapping or Cross-Cutting Pattern of Ethnic and Religious Affiliation

Willem Fourie
From Sullivan to King: MNCs and Democratisation in South Africa

Gladys Ganiel and Joram Tarusarira
Reconciliation and Reconstruction among Churches and Faith-Based Organisations in Zimbabwe

Emmanuel Kla Gamoe George and Rachael Oluseye Iyanda
Amnesty and Disarmament in the Niger Delta Prospects for Post-Conflict Peacebuilding in Nigeria's most Conflict-Torn Sub-Region

Hellen Lamunu
Healing the Wounds of War in Uganda through Traditional Methods of Reconciliation?

Martin Leiner
Films about the Genocide in Rwanda 1994: An Example of the Moral Landscape Method (MLM) in Media Analysis

Ralf Wüstenberg
Reconciliation as a Political Option? Different Ways of Dealing with the Past - The Case of South Africa

2. Comparative and Global Perspectives

Andreas Freytag and Sarah Langlotz
The Resource-Conflict-Nexus: An African Perspective

Ben Khumalo-Seegelken
Which Past? Which Future?

Reinhart Kößler
Colonialism of a Special Kind? Aspects of the German Experience

Maria Palme
The (R)evolution of TRCs and its Impact on the African Continent