Report on the Berlin Conference (22nd May)

Religion as Moral Guidance when Policy fails -

International Conference on "Peace Responsibility of Religions" at German Foreign Office, May 22nd, 2017

JCRS staff of Theological Faculty from Jena University was invited at the first interreligious and international meeting organized by German Foreign Office. Main representatives from more than 53 countries across Europe, Middle East and North African states which are working on religious dialog and basically represent main initiatives from all monotheistic religions were joining the two-day Conference. In background of the 36th Kirchentag in Berlin and Wittenberg and in regard of the 500th anniversary of the 500 jubilee of Reformation German Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sigmar Gabriel was given a speech in front of more than 100 religious representatives. On the one hand, participants discussed the potential of religions to work as agents for peace of affected social groups of violations, repressions under authoritarian regimes and as mediator for reconciliation of social-ethnical conflicts. On the other hand, the German Foreign Minister, Sigmar Gabriel, pointed out the danger of religions for being exploited of other´s interests and he showed up the need of responsibility to send positive signs into societies. He emphasized the role of media to revise the one sided image of religions as driver for conflict, war and radicalization tendencies in Societies. Usually those conflicts have deep rooted social, political, historical likewise economical causes which take negative impact on the stability of democratic and peaceful living societies and mislead people on the wrong path. Above, Gabriel mentioned, "Religions can be a motor and attendant. Particularly, they can convey a perspective and hope that is based on their inherent conviction of overcoming guilt, forgiveness and reconciliation among human beings. […] Religious agents can serve as mediator and educator for balancing societies, to promote justice and moral universal values, in opposition of those who are only promoting a black-and-white-written world view of being either enemy or friend".

 It was a great pleasure of JCRS to be part of this illustrative round of remarkable moral leaders. The event offers also opportunity to deepen our future cooperation with catholic civil society community Sant´ Egidio and Justitia et Pax on future project on inter-religious dialog and reconciliation processes within and between Europe and its neighbors.

Here the Link on "Speech of Minister of Foreign Affairs on the opening of the Conference on "Peace Responsibility of Religions", May 22nd, 2017 in Berlin

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Chief Rabbi Dr. David Rosen, Jerusalem                                                  Maria Palme, JCRS, Jena University

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                                                                 Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sigmar Gabriel

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