Prize Ceremony of Teaching Award 2016, Oct 25, 2016

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One of our JCRS staff, Maria Palme, is awarded out of 22 applicants from all Faculties at Jena University. In the Arwards Celebration she was honored for her inovative class concept and her social critical impact on the current refugee debate in Germany. Her semesters block seminar Conflict Analysis and Reconciliation Studies - Lessons from the National and International Refugee Debate took place in summer and winter semester 2015/16. International students of interdisciplinary related fields from juridical, political, social science as well as theology and religious studies assisted her class to learn about the theoretical aspects of reconciliation studies, its pragtical implications on case studies (e.g. Syrian case) and its implicit understanding as conflict transformative tool.

The objective of the seminar is as followed:

(1) Theoretical basics: how differenciating theorems on peace studies, conflict transformation and reconciliation studies

(2) Method

  • Differenciating Source Types (primary, secondary, tertiary)
  • guidelines how preparing, conducting and evaluating expert vs. witnesses interviews
  • how doing records, deducting transcripts via F4 transcript program and re-evaluate them (guidelines and principles for good interview practice)
  • basics on utilizing content analsis (see Mayring 2015)

(3) Case Study Analysis based on comparative approach

  • simulated parliamentary debate on "controlled European immigration Policy"
  • conflict analysis on Syrian case study (causes, actors, dimension, human rights violations)
  • Small Group Work on Hyptohesis "Which basic needs of refugees are injured?" (see "Needs-Based-Model of Reconciliation" -NBMR, Shnabel/Nadler 2008)
  • empirical studies based on 15 minutes experts and witnesses interviews of Syrian refugees emphasising on choosen subcategorized conflict topics:

       (a) gender, (b) religion/ culture (c) discrimination, (d) misleading expectation, (e) (Church) Asylum Policy

  • oral presentation (15 min), proving evidences for NBMR hypothesis based on transcripted records

(4) Encounter with the "Others" perspective- Emerging understanding and dialogue

  • Syrian Refugees are involved in class to respond student´s questions
  • field trip to Refuee Interim Camp at Jena Ostbad

(5) Workshop: Introduction of Local Refugee Initiatives (civil societies / Asyl e.V., Refugio e.V., Medinet, church initiatives / Caritas, Diakonie and state sponsered Institutes) 

  • Penal Discussion with church affiliated representatives on "The challenges of churches in current refugee debate - What can church asylum policy teach us?"

Link: Poster Class Concept, PDF (German)

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