Best Practices of Reconciliation


Round Table Talk »Best Practices of Reconciliation«

In preparation for a joint DFG-funded doctoral school on "Religion-Conflict-Reconciliation", the joint application of cooperative EU-Horizon 2020 programs and the foundation of a Consortium of a German Reconciliation Center, the JCRS hosted this Round Table Talk. Special attention was given to past successful cases, the theoretical link between reconciliation and justice, reconciliation and cultural heritage, reconciliation policy and retributive/transitional justices.

Our co-operation partners were the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU), Max Planck Institute of Social Anthropology (MPI), Europa-University Flensburg (EUF) and University of Zürich (UZH).

The workshop has been opened via a short welcoming speech by Prof. Dr. Thorsten Heinzel, vice president for research (FSU Jena).

  • Buchenhorst, Ralph (MLU): »Through Memory towards Reconciliation: Scopes and limits of remembering difficult pasts in the context of peace-building.«
  • Thompson, James (MLU): »Reconciliation and the Practice of Justice«
  • Fleckstein, Anne (MPI): »Reconciliation through truth. A South African paradigm of transitional justice«
  • Wüstenberg, Ralf K. (EUF) »Politische Versöhnung in theologischer Perspektive - methodische Ansätze«
  • Schliesser, Christine (UZH): »Reconciliation after Genocide? - Examplary Practices in Post-Genocide Rwanda«
  • Ferrari, Francesco (FSU): »Paul Ricoeur: Archeology and Teleology of Reconciliation«
  • Leiner, Martin, Joram Tarusarira, Maria Palme (FSU): Introduction of the "Horizon 2020 program"

You can find the complete program here.

The Round Table Talk led to networking and further cooperation with the idea to implement a new program of study.