"Islam and Democracy. Muslim Voices Amongst Us" (06.06.2018)

Recently (06.06.2018), the workshop "Islam and Democracy. Muslim Voices Amongst Us" took place in Jena. Thanks to the cooperation with the Jena Schumpeter Center for Research on Socio-Economic Change, the Jena Center for Reconciliation Studies hosted ) the Hon. Amédée Turner, Queen's Counsel and member of the European parliament from 1979 until 1994.

Mr. Turner, together with our Research Fellow Dr. Davide Tacchini (Jena Center for Reconciliation Studies) During the last six years, through a team of scholars, researchers and religious leaders in Europe and the USA has organized meetings and gatherings with members of local Muslim communities. 

(Over 70 discussion groups -involving 900+ Muslims- were set up all over Europe and the US. Muslims taking part were professional and business people, students, Sunni and Shia mixed). 

Firstly, the attention was devoted to the definition of the concept of Democracy, that is not a global concept. It might be defined as a technology that guarantees, through One person - One vote, the respect of the view of majority and the protection of the rights of minorities. Not one single statement in the discussion groups defined it as contrary to Islamic principles and teachings.  Therefore, it is not supposed to be incompatible with Islam.

Furthermore, it was highlighted how extremists should not be considered representatives of Islam.

This Workshop gave the participants the possibility of gaining a deeper insight into contemporary Islam and its relationship with the issue of democracy. The JCRS warmly thanks Dr. Davide Tacchini and the Hon. A. Turner for holding such a successful workshop.

Here some pictures:

20180606_103904                              20180606_120407