Lecture by Joram Tarusarira "Religio-political non-conformism, democratization and reconciliation in Zimbabwe"

The Zimbabwean scholar Joram Tarusarira achieved inter alia a Master of Arts in Religious Studies (African Traditional Religion, University of Zimbabwe, 2005), a Master of Arts in Reconciliation Studies (Trinity College Dublin (Ireland, 2009) and also a Master of Adult Education (St. Francis Xavier University (Canada), 2012). He's academically interested in Religious Studies, Sociology and Politics. And since 2011 he's a Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Leipzig (Germany). The title of his dissertation is "Religio-political non-conformism, democratization and reconciliation in Zimbabwe".

Mr. Tarusaria about his research: "The role of religion in the political sphere in Zimbabwe has been dominated by mainline Christian institutional churches and their apex bodies. Religious and political powers have often treated non-doctrinal religio-political organizations and individuals as an epiphenomenon or purposeless critics. This tendency, observable in colonial and post-colonial Zimbabwe, has obscured the role that such organizations and individuals operating structurally and culturally outside the jurisdiction and power of dominant religious and political systems have played in influencing the political realm. The study fills a research gap between historical narratives and modern admonitions for religious entities to play a constructive role in the socio-political sphere. It is an ethnographic study of religio-political organizations and the role they play in dealing with political conflict and violence in pursuit of democratization and reconciliation."

(For more information check Mr. Tarusariras proposal below.)

Proposal: "Religio-political non-conformism, democratization and reconciliation in Zimbabwe"