WorkshopIn two afternoon sessions on February 3 and 4 2014, Prof. Björn Krondorfer presented several practical and inter-active approaches to issues of conflict and reconciliation. Prof. Krondorfer is Professor of Comparative Religious Studies and Director of the Martin-Springer-Institute at Northern Arizona University. He has worked as facilitator with many groups in North America and Europe. He also gave the participants the chance to work on personal stories in small groups and to discover their own creative skills in dealing with the past and finding new solutions for the future.

Prof. Krondorfer developed models of different mediation practics like the "interfaith dialogue" , the "intergenerational model", or the concept of "unsettling empathy". The illustration on the left shows a role projection game, in which the participants of the workshop participated, with the task to illustrate a personal story by creating a "living sculpture".

For more information abouth Prof. Krondorfer and his work at Martin-Springer Institute click here.

An interview with Prof. Krondorfer about the "Interfaith Dialogue Model" from 3. february 2014.