International Summer Schools "Societies in Transition"

Five International Summer Schools (ISS) have taken place between 2009 and 2015 with on the series "Societies in Transition. Between Conflict and Reconciliation" with shifting geopolitical focuses on: 1. Latin America (2009) 2. Sub-Saharan Africa...

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Graduate Programme

The Graduate Progamme gives doctoral and post-doctoral students the opportunity to develop and present their research work and to engage in critical and constructive dialogue.

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Panel Discussion

The Panel Discussion takes place in addition to the Graduate Seminar. It focuses exemplarily on main conflict areas in the world and provides insights into current reconciliation efforts.

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Round Table Talks

Round Table Talks allows experts an exchange of specific knowledge and dialogue on critical questions of recnociliation and conflict transformation processes on high academic level. It envision to improve new insights on theories of and innovative...

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The JCRS addresses academic institutions and programs as well as experts and scholars in the field of conflict transformation, reconciliation and peace studies.
We promote a trans-disciplinary as well as theoretical and practical approach with the goal of developing new models for reconciliation processes based on case studies. Different workshops, e.g. on mediation or trauma therapy, are offered.

The facilitation of practical approaches and applications of reconciliation concepts plays an important role. It shall enable future peace workers and persons interested in the field of conflict resolution, conflict negotiation and political reconciliation to inquire into adequate and sustainable means for the restoration of social relations.