Seeking Peace and Reunification of the Korean Peninsula through Securing Reconciliation in East Asia


Centennial Memorial Building International Hall, Seoul Theological University

The 2015 Spring Academic Conference has been hosted by Seoul Theological University in partnership with Jena Center for Reconciliation Studies. This conference seeked academic exchanges in collaboration with preeminent scholars from China, Japan, Germany and Korea. It was the first in a series of global conferences that celebrate the inauguration of the collaboration between the Divinity School of Friedrich Schiller University Jena in Germany and Seoul Theological University in Korea, which was implemented in January of 2015. The two institutes will continue to support endeavors to bring peace and reunification to the Korean Peninsula by sharing our accumulated research competence and resources with each other. We believe peace in the Korean Peninsula critically affects world peace, which can be effectively addressed through the reconciliation of East Asian countries. "Reconciliation Studies" aim to achieve theoretical and practical understanding of the processes, measurements and practices relevant to fostering best-possible relationships in contexts affected by violence, atrocities, genocides, wars, dictatorships, segregation, enslavement and other crimes against humanity. It is a transdisciplinary scientific field that focuses on individual, group, inter-group and political dynamics.