2° Study Day on Colombia (30th May, 2018)

The 2° Study Day on Colombia took place on 30th May 2018. The event was organised by the Jena Center for Reconciliation Studies in cooperation with the Faculty of Theology of Jena.

"Zwei Jahre nach dem Friedensabkommen: Quo vadis, Kolumbien?" was the title of the workshop. In September 2016, the FARC and the Preseident Juan Manuel Santos signed a peace treaty, in order to put an end to the violent conflict existing since 1964.

The leading questions were: Which are the backgrounds of the violent conflict? Which are nowadays the perspectives for Reconciliation? In order to answer these questions, the JCRS invited several promiment colombian experts, such as Dr. Luis Pena (Friedrich-Schiller Universität Jena) , Dr. Manfredo Kössel (Weimar), Dr. Josefina Echavarria Alvarez (Innsbruck Universtität) und Dr. Vladimir Montoya (Universität von Antioquiua). 

Prof. Dr. Martin Leiner opened the workshop, raising the question what Reconciliation in praxis exactly means. He highlighted the nature of Reconciliation as process (and goal) and its connection with the issue of Recognition.

Afterwards, Dr. Luis Pena held his speech called: "Eliminating Diversity: A political Geography of Colombian Conflict". He tried to analyse the roots of the Colombian Conflict and to seek the central issues in forwarding peace and reconciliation.

Following, Dr. Manfredo Kössel, in his speech "Gewält als Lösung der Probleme in Kolumbien?", highlighted the problem of violence in the Colombian Conflict.

The JCRS warmly thanks all the guestes, who gave the participants the possibililty to hear direct testimonies about the backgrounds of the conflict and the progresses towards reconciliation.