11th Ecclesiological Conference "Reformation and Global Reconciliation" (28th May-2nd June, 2017)

The 11th Ecclesiological Conference "Revolution and global Reconciliation" took place in Jena from 28th May to 2nd June 2017.

500 years ago (1517) Martin Luther has started his reformative movement, which has got the name of "Reformation". This event played a key role for the European Churches and Societies, and his effects are nowadays strong.

For this reason, the JCRS has welcomed Representatives of different countries (USA, Italy and Belgium), who discussed about important issues, such as the ecumenical dialogue, Reconciliation and the relation between Reformation and religious encounters.

This conference had the goal to bring into dialogue representatives of different religions, such as Lutherans, Catholics and Orthodoxies.

Marc Chapman, Dennis Doyle und Leo Lefebure are just some of the important speakers of the conference.

These successful days have been shown how the intercultural-interreligious dialogue important is.

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